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Dame in their own words are “creating a world where wellness is a pleasure,” helping to destigmatize female sexual pleasure with an array of innovative products. The brand is known well for products such as the Pom by Dame, providing a simple yet effective way to enhance pleasure whenever the mood strikes. Founded in 2014, Dame developed the most crowdfunded sex toy in history, the Eva, and has grown ever since having helped over 10 million people as part of their sexual wellness revolution.

The Pom by Dame in particular is the perfect ladies’ toy to provide targeted pleasure. Designed using soft, flexible, medical-grade silicone, this handheld device is easy to hold and grip and simple to use. Just hold it in place and choose one of the five vibration settings for different types of stimulation. The included motor is small yet perfectly powerful to provide an intense experience that you’ll want to enjoy alone or with a partner.

Its simple design means no overcomplicated use or settings, just hold the button on top to turn it on and use the button underneath to change the intensity level. Part of the fun is finding the right vibe setting for you. Intuitive and easy to charge thanks to its magnetic charger, the Pom by Dame is also waterproof so that not only can you ensure it is cleaned well after each use, but it can be used in the shower or bath if you want to. Other products like Pom by Dame also benefit from innovative design features, making their collection a joy to use for anyone looking for a new toy.

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As one of many innovative vibrators available, products like Pom by Dame are the perfect addition to your collection. As the brand develops its products based on improving your sexual wellbeing, you know that no matter which you choose, it will have your pleasure in mind and ensure long-lasting quality. Powerful, fun, and discreet, what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in pleasurable vibes. You’ll wonder how you went a day without one of Dame’s vibes in your pocket.

As well as the Pom, Dame has a variety of toys well worth a try including couple’s vibrators, suction toys and G-Spot vibrators. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy that are comfortable to use and easy to maintain whether needing some quality time alone or to enhance your experience with a partner.

At Luxury Toy X, you can discover many of the best manufacturers of the latest toys ideal for ladies and gentlemen looking for new pleasurable experiences. This includes toys for couples as well as solo adventures when looking to enjoy yourself in new ways. If you have any questions, please contact us. Any order of products like Pom by Dame will be delivered discreetly as standard.

How do I care for Pom by Dame?

Thanks to its high-quality design and use of medical-grade silicone, you will find the Pom by Dame is easy to care for. As it is waterproof, you can use soap or water that does not contain any alcohol, petroleum, or acetone, to provide an irritant-free clean. You can also use a water-based sex toy cleaner designed specifically for this. When storing the Pom by Dame, keep it away from extreme temperatures and away from other toys too, keeping it in the supplied storage bag.

Can I use lube with Pom by Dame?

Yes, as long as it is a water-based lubricant, you can enhance your fun whilst enjoying Pom by Dame and other products in their range. Avoid using any silicone-based lube to ensure long-lasting use of your Pom.

How long will the battery last on Pom by Dame?

Using the Pom by Dame when fully charged will provide approximately 1 hour of pleasure if used at the highest setting. Make sure you always use it with a full charge to avoid any uninterrupted pleasure, with a full charge taking 2 hours when using the supplied USB charging cable.

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