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Crystal Delights

Embark on a journey with Crystal Delights, a brand born out of innovation and passion. Established in 2008 within the immersive world of Second Life, Crystal Delights initially captivated audiences with a virtual line of adult toys, seamlessly blending digital artistry with the promise of real-world pleasure. As pioneers in this virtual landscape, we introduced groundbreaking sales kiosks, empowering avatars to acquire tangible delights using Second Life's currency, Lindens.

However, as Second Life evolved, we recognized the need to transcend virtual confines and manifest our vision into physical reality. Thus, in 2010, Crystal Delights unveiled its inaugural "IRL" masterpiece - the Crystal Delights Anal Plug. This marked the genesis of our journey into crafting exquisite, hand-crafted glass pleasure products that merge sophistication with sensuality.

Driven by the invaluable feedback of our devoted followers and fueled by our boundless creativity, Crystal Delights has continued to innovate. Our repertoire now boasts an array of enchanting offerings, from the vibrantly expressive Colors Against Cancer plugs to the celestial allure of our Star Delight dildos and the whimsical charm of our Tail plugs.

Each creation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and artistry, meticulously hand-crafted to perfection. From our humble beginnings within the digital realm to our present-day status as a revered purveyor of glass pleasure products, Crystal Delights remains unrivaled in its dedication to elevating intimate experiences with unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. Join us as we redefine pleasure, one exquisite creation at a time.

With unique designs that bring a playful edge to your pleasure, Crystal Delights specialize in sensual products with a fun side. With anal plugs, dildos, and more available, the brand offers a unique take on many of your favorite sex toys. Browse the full range from Crystal Delights and order online for discreet delivery. Great for role play and providing glass toys to your collection, you won’t be disappointed.

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Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail Pastel Rainbow - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Sparkle Plug
Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Dilator Set of 3
Crystal Delights Magnetic Sparkle Bunny Tail
Crystal Delights T-Handle Plug
Crystal Delights Rainbow Bubble Dil with Dichroic Bulb
Crystal Delights Funfetti Plug
Crystal Delights Harnessable Dil - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Kitty Plug - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Minx Tail Plug Mongolian Black - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Small Clear Plug - Aurora Borealis - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Magnetic Bunny Tail - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail Rainbow - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Crystal Delights Pineapple Delight Plug Pink Crystal - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping

Unique Toys from Crystal Delights

If you are looking for something a bit different and want to experience your wild side further, Crystal Delights have the toys for you. As their name suggests, you’ll find many wonderful, sparkling designs that are a mixture of glass and crystals, providing a premium quality product.

Expertly crafted, the brand has the belief that artistically beautiful toys not only look amazing but provide better experiences. Their range includes butt plugs with crystal-finished handles that sparkle and shine in the light perfectly, alongside transparent glass plugs that wouldn’t look out of place on your mantelpiece. Available in a range of sizes perfect for ladies and gentlemen looking for something new, Crystal Delights toys are a cut above the rest that makes them a unique purchase.

The brand develops and produces its products using body-safe materials, and maintains a high-quality standard that’s needed for a premium product. Users love their glass designs, which are erotic art pieces in their own right. Each goes through vigorous testing to ensure they are safe and fun to use. Using a glass design dildo or plug is a different experience to silicone, so for those who are novices to these, whilst they function in the same way, the feeling and sensation of smooth glass is different – it has to be experienced to see what we mean.

Add a Crystal Delights Toy to Your Collection

Crystal Delights has grown into a brand with a wide range of pleasure products such as glass strap-on dildos and a range of different colored tail plugs – perfect for role-playing as a minx, fox, pony and more. Uniquely crafted using Borosilicate glass and synthetic faux fur, you can find a custom design to bring out your wild side in the perfect size for you. 

At Luxury Toy X, we only stock premium brands offering the best experiences for your sexual pleasure. No matter what you are into, you can find a product that provides a bit of luxury and style to your collection. Crystal Delights are one of many premium brands you’ll find and can help you or a partner stay satisfied for longer. If you have grown tired of bland, uniform-looking toys and want to add something fun, colorful, and unique creations, you’ll find your Crystal Delight here.

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