The Kiiroo Keon Range

Having been leading the way in sex tech since 2013, Kiiroo is an award-winning interactive sex toy company based in Amsterdam, the sex capital of Europe. Having created toys that provide you with the ability to feel your lover and interact with digital video content in a whole new way, you will never look back once trying out a Kiiroo toy from our range at Luxury Toy X.

The standard Kiiroo toy range contains everything from carefully designed vibrators to realistic feeling masturbators, appealing to all quirks and desires by creating Kiiroo toys that reach different pleasure spots. The Kiiroo Keon range is a revolutionary addition to the sex toy market; being the smartest automatic masturbator available to buy, the compact and subtle design stimulates the body like never before. Its ergonomic shape and intuitive grip control help to optimize your experience in limitless ways so you can unleash your fantasies without constraints, building up towards an unforgettable orgasm.

Unlike standard sex toys, the Kiiroo Keon range allows you to feel what you see, having the ability to connect with interactive webcams or 2D and Virtual Reality interactive adult content. Providing realistic sensations through the real skin-like softness and texture so you can feel like you are really in the moment, bringing your deepest fantasies to life. By using your Kiiroo Keon toy with some of the best adult content on the internet, you can feel every single thrust, moan, and groan in real-time and live out your dream sexual experiences whenever you desire.

Fulfil Your Fantasy with a Kiiroo Toy

Kiiroo toys are underpinned by modern technology to create an innovative product that can appeal to your needs and provide endless thrills. By utilizing the technological advancements around us, Kiiroo has combined modern-day capabilities with the sex toy market for a unique solution that takes pleasure up a notch. Providing better ways for people to connect, interact and explore new ideas when it comes to intimacy, a Kiiroo toy can be used both alone or by couples who want to take their pleasure-seeking to the next level and exhilarate their sex life.

When using a Kiiroo toy, you can choose from various vibration speeds, varying between high-speed patterns that’ll drive you crazy or deep and intense vibes to create the ultimate tease. For those in a long-distance relationship, the Kiiroo Keon range is ideal as the toys allow you to play with your partner even when you’re both miles apart, pleasuring each other from afar.

What lube can be used with my Kiiroo toy?

If you want to use lube with your Kiiroo toy, then it is best to use a water-based lubricant since silicone lubricants aren’t compatible with silicone toys and can cause warping. By pairing a water-based lube with your Kiiroo Keon toys, you can maximize the pleasure and glide right in to reduce friction, enjoying the experience even more and pleasing your body like never before.

How do I clean Kiiroo toys?

Warm soapy water and sex toy cleaners are both effective ways to clean your Kiiroo toy, keeping them in great condition so you can enjoy them time after time. You should be cleaning them both before and after use, killing any bacteria to reduce the risk of infection, especially if using your Kiiroo toys with a partner. Once you have given your toys a thorough clean, it is important to let them fully dry before putting them away, as this prevents bacteria from being able to thrive in damp conditions.

How do I store Kiiroo Keon toys?

To keep your Kiiroo toy in great condition so it can be used safely, correct storage is a huge factor and should not be overlooked in the heat of the moment. Following use and thorough cleaning, your Kiiroo toy should be kept in a case or silk bag to protect them from bacteria-infested areas and dust.

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