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Pjur Backdoor Water - Luxury Toy X Pjur Backdoor Water - LSTX LLC
Pjur Backdoor Water 3.4oz $24.00 $30.00
Pjur BACKDOOR Water-Based Anal Lubricant is a double-effect, water-based lubricant designed specifically for anal penetration. Pjur BACKDOOR Lubricants promote optimal performance. Its unique formula makes it the perfect lube for men who prefer maximum moisture for backdoor play. Pjur BACKDOOR Anal Water-Based Lubricant may also be used for penile and vaginal penetration, enhancing the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement natural lubrication. This water-based personal lubricant is latex condom safe and ideal for daily use. 100ML / 3.4 oz.
Pjur Aqua - Luxury Toy X Pjur Aqua - Luxury Toy X
Pjur Aqua from $20.00 $25.00
Pjur Aqua is a classic water-based personal lubricant made with quality ingredients that optimize the body’s natural moisture. This sense-enhancing personal lubricant is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, easy to clean and ideal for daily use. Medical grade ingredients and the unique formula makes it a classic water-based personal lubricant.
Pjur Analyse Me - Luxury Toy X Pjur Analyse Me - Luxury Toy X
Pjur Analyse Me from $24.00 $30.00
This is the first silicone based lubricant with an additional herbal effect. It is a combination of a completely new silicone formula that has a super soft gliding effect and jojoba extract. The jojoba dosage relaxes the skin and anal muscle, but does not desensitize or numb it. Analyse Me, enriched with relaxing jojoba, is a double-effect silicone-based anal lubricant created for women who enjoy anal penetration. This moisture enhancing personal lubricant is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use. Medical grade ingredients and a unique formula make it her most relaxing silicone-based anal lubricant.
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Pjur Woman - Luxury Toy X Pjur Woman - LSTX LLC
Pjur Woman $24.00 $30.00
Pjur Woman is super-concentrated, making it long and lasting economical. This certified authentic formula never becomes sticky and is 100% latex safe. Pjur Woman does not block pores and requires no clean-up after use. Used by massage therapist worldwide, it contains no oil, water, glycerin, or preservatives. Pjur Woman is non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless. 20% thinner than the Original Pjur, this formula is designed for those looking to feel more sensation. Perfectly safe for use by men or women. Look for the Pjur mark to feel confident it is a genuine Pjur personal product. 100ML
Pjur Original - Luxury Toy X Pjur Original - Luxury Toy X
Pjur Original from $24.00 $30.00
Pjur Original is the premiere personal lubricant made with medical grade silicone for a super-slick, never sticky, long-lasting experience. This sense-enhancing personal lubricant is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use. Medical-grade ingredients and the unique formula makes it the classic silicone personal lubricant.
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Pjur Med Repair 100ml - LSTX LLC
Pjur Med Repair 100ml $20.00 $25.00
pjur®med REPAIR glide is a water-based personal lubricant with regenerative hyaluron for dry and stressed vaginal mucosa. Hyaluron has the ability to bind large amounts of water and to provide additional lubrication. Hyaluron can help regenerate your skin.
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Pjur Med Soft Glide - Luxury Toy X
Pjur Med Soft Glide $24.00 $30.00
pjur med SOFT glide is a silicone-based personal lubricant developed specifically for very dry and highly sensitive mucous membranes in the genital area. It contains natural jojoba, which has nurturing and soothing properties and can also improve the skin's elasticity. pjur med SOFT glide doesn't just leave the skin feeling smooth, it also has an extremely long-lasting lubricating effect thanks to its concentrated formula with high-grade silicones. 100ML
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Pjur Med Premium - Luxury Toy X Pjur Med Premium - LSTX LLC
Pjur Med Premium $24.00 $30.00
pjur®med PREMIUM glide is specially formulated for dry or highly sensitive mucous membrane in the genital area. The unique formula, made of high quality silicones without preservatives, makes this mucosa tested formula compatible with all skin and mucosa types. pjur® med PREMIUM is non pore blocking, leaving skin silky and smooth. 100ML
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Pjur Med Natural - Luxury Toy X Pjur Med Natural 100ML - LSTX LLC
Pjur Med Natural 100ML $20.00 $25.00
pjur®med NATURAL glide is specifically formulated for dry skin. The natural and nature-based formula with pure vegetable glycerin provides additional moisture and long-lasting lubrication. Protects and soothes dry skin. Especially suitable for sensitive mucous membranes. 100ML
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Pjur Med Clean Bottle - Luxury Toy X Pjur Med Clean Bottle - LSTX LLC
Pjur Med Clean Bottle $20.00 $25.00
For gentle, hygienic cleaning, this cleaner works as a guard against infection and has an intensive antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV. It is suited for use on sensitive or irritated skin, and safe for application on alcohol sensitive materials such as latex, rubber and silicone. 100ML
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Pjur Backdoor Silicone - Luxury Toy X Pjur Backdoor Silicone - LSTX LLC
Pjur Backdoor Silicone $24.00 $30.00
Pjur® BACK DOOR SILICONE. This product was specially developed for intensive anal sex and is therefore dosed at a higher concentration. It contains jojoba, which relaxes the anal muscle, as well as high-grade silicone for extra-long lasting lubrication. It does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine and can therefore be used on a daily basis. 100ML

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