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Snail Vibe's brilliant idea comes from a choking truth that most of the dual stimulators out there are not 100% satisfactory. How can a toy guarantee a strong simultaneous stimulation of both the clitoris and the vagina when all vulva shapes and sizes are different? The Snail Vibe is the answer, it was designed to fit most vulvas. Its unique shape is not just for fun; it actually delivers continuous delightful vibes to the clitoris while diffusing powerful vibrations internally.  It's The Toy to explore dual stimulation, with the assurance to always keep the clitoris happy!  The Snail Vibe gathers all the attributes of the most wanted toys: the extraordinary power of the wand, the in-and-out movement of a thruster, the depth of a dildo and the clitoral stimulation of a rabbit. And this is possible thanks to the unique and patented spiral shape and the two individual motors.  Its clever design allows users to have back-and-forth penetrative movements, while constantly and permanently being stimulated on the outside.  The Snail Vibe has two motors that provide synchronized stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina, controlled independently, offering 5 patterns and 5 speeds, so a total of over 600 pleasurable combinations. Both motors provide low frequency, deep and rumbly vibrations to the intimate areas, and beware, because this toy vibrates like no other! 

Toe-Curling Climaxes With Snail Vibe Toys

Stimulate your senses with Snail Vibe sex toys. Snail Vibe is a versatile and premium toy which can be enjoyed solo or with your partner as couples play. Snail Vibe offers a synchronised experience, giving you toe-curling vaginal and clitoral climaxes all at once. Snail Vibe is the pleasure toy that you didn’t know you were missing. Invented to suit all body types and to really personalise your sexual experience, Snail Vibe toys were developed to provide full flexibility and provide maximum pleasure. These innovative toys offer a real combination and are one of the first of their kind in the world. Buy Snail Vibe online with Luxury Toy X today.

What Makes Snail Vibe Sex Toys Different?

Snail Vibe offers a unique pleasure experience for its users. Combining dual stimulation, vibration and depth of insertion, Snail Vibe sex toys combine the pleasure of a rabbit vibrator, wand and dildo all in one.

With two powerful motors and five speeds to choose from, Snail Vibe Dual Motor Vibe toys offer discreet yet intense pleasure for you to play with. Whether you want to use it in the bedroom or you prefer alone time in the bathroom, the waterproof IP67 material offers a quiet yet powerful approach to sexual pleasures. With the Snail Vibe dual motor vibe, the motors run completely independently, meaning you can choose over 600 combinations for maximum satisfaction. With one motor situated in the spiral head, which remains in contact throughout use for ultimate enjoyment and the other at the point of the shaft, you can enjoy both clitoral stimulation and internal pleasure all at once. This revolutionary design is certain to give you a day or night to remember whether with your partner or alone. The toy almost acts like a hand-held sex machine in terms of its power.

The vibration and massage power of the Snail Vibe vibrator means it can be used for internal, external and dual play, with synchronised stimulation providing a real blended orgasm. With an unparalleled range of motion and rhythmic vibration patterns to choose from as a result of the independent motor controls, the Snail Vibe toy will meet your every desire.

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Snail Vibe FAQs

How many settings does the Snail Vibe have?

The Snail Vibe is revolutionary in that it has over 600 settings for you to combine in order to achieve maximum pleasure with this toy. With independent motors for both internal and clitoral stimulation, you will reach orgasm in no time with the Snail Vibe.

How do I use a Snail Vibe sex toy?

A Snail Vibe sex toy can be used in a similar way to any vibrator, wand or dildo – it simply offers the ultimate and unique combination of having all of these features. 75% of vulva owners require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm which is why the Snail Vibe toy offers more than just a penetration device. When using the Snail Vibe vibrator, you can choose from a range of settings to enjoy a deep and intense experience. You can also use the dildo part of the toy for internal stimulation. For best results, apply lube to both the shaft and the pleasure point and use it for dual stimulation. Test and try what settings work best for you.

Is the Snail Vibe quiet?

The Snail Vibe sits at <45db meaning it is a very quiet toy to play with and enjoy despite the two independent motors. The speed and the combination of the settings that you choose will determine the noise of the Snail Vibe, however, it will never reach a level over 45db, giving you a discreet and quiet experience for you to enjoy.

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