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The revolutionary brand at the forefront of pleasure innovation, redefining the way we experience intimate pleasure. Since its inception, Womanizer has been dedicated to empowering individuals to explore their desires and embrace their sensuality without inhibition.

At the heart of Womanizer's philosophy lies a commitment to providing unparalleled satisfaction through cutting-edge technology and sleek, ergonomic designs. Our signature Pleasure Air™ technology offers a unique sensation that stimulates the clitoris without direct contact, leading to intense and mind-blowing orgasms unlike any other.

More than just a brand, Womanizer represents a celebration of self-love, self-discovery, and empowerment. We believe that everyone deserves to experience pleasure without shame or judgment, regardless of gender, orientation, or background.

With a diverse range of products designed to cater to every preference and desire, Womanize invites you to embark on a journey of sensual exploration and liberation. From our iconic Womanizer Premium to the compact and travel-friendly Liberty, each product is meticulously crafted to deliver unrivaled pleasure and satisfaction.

Womanizer believe that solo sex is self-love in best practice. That's why they promote talking openly about masturbation.

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Womanizer Duo - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Womanizer Duo Sale price$199.00
Womanizer Duo Blueberry - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Womanizer Duo Blueberry Sale price$199.00
Womanizer Liberty Lily Allen - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Womanizer Next
Womanizer Next Sale price$208.00
Womanizer Premium White/Chrome
Womanizer Premium Eco
Womanizer Premium Eco Sale price$139.00
Womanizer Premium 2
Womanizer Premium 2 Sale price$199.00
Womanizer Classic 2
Womanizer Classic 2 Sale price$129.00
Womanizer Starlet 3
Womanizer Starlet 3 Sale price$79.00
Womanizer Classic 2 Marilyn Monroe Special Edition
Womanizer OG
Womanizer OG Sale price$199.00
Womanizer Duo 2
Womanizer Duo 2 Sale price$219.00
Womanizer Wave
Womanizer Wave Sale price$113.00
Womanizer Liberty 2
Womanizer Liberty 2 Sale price$99.00
Womanizer Liberty
Womanizer Liberty Sale price$69.00 Regular price$99.00
Womanizer Duo Raspberry - Buy At Luxury Toy X - Free 3-Day Shipping
Womanizer Duo Raspberry Sale price$199.00