Strap On Me

Strap On Me Silicone Cum Dildo

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The black non-vibrating Strap-On is made of seamless soft-touch silicone. Its flexibleshape-memory neck offers unparalleled positional comfort. Easy to wear, it adapts perfectly to the anatomy and becomes one with you.

Realistic experience

If you like this moment of masculine pleasure you will be seduced by this dildo ejaculator. A pure design, a drawn tassel, a resistant suction cup and a silky texture for a tenfold pleasure.

Its fancy touch, the possibility to simulate an ejaculation. At the desired moment, press the syringe (previously filled with the liquid of your choice) for the dildo to ejaculate, giving you a truer-than-life experience!

And bonus, it comes with a tube of creamy (70ml) with the dildo. This creamy, aqueous lubricant gel reproduces the texture of semen perfectly.

Their ergonomic design is compatible with a harness.

Large capacity

Equipped with a 30mL syringe and an unequalled length of tubing (82cm), this toy has an intuitive and natural ambidextrous grip. With the possibility to add 3 times more false sperm thanks to 2 other locations of tubing, it has the largest capacity on the market, for your greatest pleasure.

Length: 7.7", Diameter: 1.4", Insertable: 7.2"

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