How do I wear a VelvOr ring?

No matter which designs you choose, the VelvOr rings are all simple to wear and place in position. You do not have to be a penis ring pro to get hours of enjoyment. With the silicone ring designs, you can stretch over the penis and wear it at the base, then pull the ring over the scrotum so it sits firmly but comfortably underneath. This will ensure the best results when worn over an erect penis. If you are using the adjustable strap designs, simply open up the ring by pulling the slider down, place it over the penis and scrotum, then move the slider back up until firmly in place. Remember to not wear too tightly that it becomes uncomfortable, and to only wear for as long as intended.

Are there different sizes of VelvOr rings?

Yes, you will find different girth sizes in some of the designs, such as the Floki and Milo sets, there are 45mm sizes up to 55mm depending on what is comfortable for you. These are the most commonly found sizes for penis rings, so they should fit most men. The adjustable strap rings will provide a better fit if you are smaller than this starting from 30mm.

Should I use lubricant with a VelvOr ring?

It is recommended to use lube with rings that are much tighter to ensure they are comfortable. This will also assist with removing the ring after use much more easily, whilst using any lube is advisable to improve your session.

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