Velv'Or Rooster Ivar

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ROOSTER IVAR is a tie knot, soft silicone, cock ring that will stimulate both partners as they are thrusting deeply into her or him. The knot provides extra girth at the base of the penis and also limits blood flow. The ring encircles their package (penis and scrotum). they will feel suitable attired when wearing this cock ring, which gives them a sturdy erection. The soft silicone of ROOSTER IVAR means it is comfortable yet tight to wear.

How to Wear

The ring is pretty tight so we recommend the application of a water-based lubricant to the penis as this will help with putting it on. Once lubricated simply stretch out the knot part of ROOSTER IVAR with both hands and slide the erect penis through the hole from the inside of the ring. Position the knot at the base of the penis and then stretch the ring out to encircle the scrotum. Gently release the ring.


Velv’Or advises to listen carefully to the body. How long a man can be enringed varies from person to person. The greater the girth of the penis, the tighter ROOSTER IVAR will grip.

Key features

  • Knot design cock ring
  • Look dressed up
  • Supports powerful erections
  • Stimulates your partner
  • Comfortable, stretchy and durable
  • One size fits all

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